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Students of the Month!

Every month, our students are rewarded for going the extra mile and persevering in reaching their personal milestones. The beginning of the year is an exciting time where we get to watch all of our students blossom in their new classrooms, and it was exciting to find out who are first group of outstanding students were!

Drumroll please...

Pre-Kindergarten: Zoe Barahona

Kindergarten: Skye Francois

First Grade: Jayden Washington

Second Grade: Kaiden Flowers

Third Grade: Ashley Alvarez

Fourth Grade: Neausha Howard

Fifth Grade: Jakei Jones

Sixth Grade: Brianna James

Seventh Grade: Kadagi Ware

Eighth Grade: Eloise Ingraham

Rock on, and continue to strive for greatness!

September 2019 Students of the Month!

Zoe Barahona (PK), Skye Francois (K), Jayden Washington (1), Kaiden Flowers (2), Ashley Alvarez (3), Neausha Howard (4), Jakei Jones (5), Brianna James, (6), Kadagi Ware (7), Eloise Ingraham (8)

Wendy's for lunch? Yes, please! 😋

Cheese 😁

Mama Lucy 😍

Can't wait to see who does an amazing job this month!

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